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Ny artikkel - Introducing plug-in electric vehicles in public authorities

Av: Werner Tarjei Fiskergård | Publisert: 06.02.2017 12:42:39

Lisa Hansson ved Høgskolen i Molde har sammen med Martina Wikström (KTH) og Linnea Eriksson (Linköpings universitet) publisert en artikkel i tidsskriftet Research in Transportation Business & Management.

Lisa Hansson of Molde University College has, together with Martina Wikström (KTH) and Linnea Eriksson (Linköping University), published an article in the journal Research in Transportation Business & Management.

Sammendrag av artikkelen / Summary of the article:


Introducing plug-in electric vehicles in public authorities

Plug-in electric vehicles have the potential to contribute to a more energy-efficient and a less fossil dependent road transport system. The use of electrical vehicles in public fleets is still low in many countries, Sweden being one of them. The technical solutions exist, however implementing new technologies in public organizations may be difficult. This paper focuses on the role of policy entrepreneurs, a theoretical concept that comes from policy studies. Specifically, the paper examines how policy entrepreneurs, through public procurement, affect and accelerate the introduction of plug-in electric vehicles in local public authorities in Sweden. The results show that policy entrepreneurs undertake actions to inform and persuade the decision-makers and raise the issue on the political agenda. The policy entrepreneurs assess the travel demand, find appropriate applications and supervise the deployment process. Practical experiences also legitimate the policy entrepreneurs when involving local society.


Fakta om artikkelen og sammendrag finner du i Cristin.

See Cristin for abstract and link to fulltext.

Sist oppdatert: 06.02.2017 13:08:54
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