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Learning Environment Committee

By: Straumsheim Jens Petter | Published: 16.02.2017 13:53:30

The Learning Environment Committee's (LMU) role is to take care of the students' interest in issues regarding the learning environment. LMU's mandate is to take part in developing a favourable study environment, improving student welfare and to ensure a safe and sound working environment for students. 

LMU consists of six members, whereas three members are students.  Each member is a member for two years.

Members of the Learning Environment Committee 2017/2018:

Vidar KvilhaugsvikStudent, Faculty of Logistics​
Hedda Ness​Student, Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Care
​Knut H. Eikre​Student, Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences
Kristin Margreta Flydahl Næss​Faculty member, Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Care
Linda Bøyum-FolkesethFaculty member, Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences
Gerd Marit Langøy​​Director, HiMolde

Representatives from the Student Welfare Organisation in Molde (SiMolde) take part as observers in meetings and the secretary role is maintained by the HiMolde administration by Lena Håre, lena.hare@himolde.no

Read about Universell: ​National Coordinator of Accessibility of Higher Education in Norway

Last updated: 19.11.2017 11:21:49
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