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Gammelsæter Hallgeir
Position: Professor
Department: Høgskolen i Molde
Phone: +4771214201
eMail: Hallgeir.Gammelsater@hiMolde.no
Office: A1.132
Cristin ID323782

 About me

Research interests:
The use of organisation and management theory in studying diverse sectors and organisations. Recently I have engaged more and more in studying sport organisations, adressing the field of sport management. However, I have also extensive experience from studies of private firms, public institutions and public policy fields such as regional development and innovation. My doctoral thesis (1992) was titled "Organisational change through generations of leaders".
Education background:
PhD (Dr.polit.) (1992) from the Universitetet i Bergen, Department of Administration and Organization Theory


Currently I do not teach because I act full time as rector/principal
Until August 2013: Event organisation (Evm720), Forms of organisation and management (Adm900), Idrettens organisering og ledelse II (Idr501)

2009 - Director of Board, European Sport Management Association (EASM).

2008/9 and 2012 Program manager, Executive management program for Norwegian top football

2011 - 2013 Chair of Scientific Committee, EASM

2011- Associate editor, European Sport Management Quarterly

Selected publications:

· Gammelsæter, H. and Jakobsen, S.E. (2008), Models of Organization in Norwegian Professional Soccer. European Sport Management Quartely, Vol.8, No.1: 1 - 25


· Gammelsæter, Hallgeir, (2009), The organization of professional football in Scandinavia. In Soccer and Society Vol.10, Nos.3-4: 305-323

· Gammelsæter, H. (2010). Institutional Pluralism and Governance in “Commercialized” Sport Clubs. European Sport Management Quarterly, 10, 569-594

· Gammelsæter, H. & Senaux, B. (eds.) (2011), The Organisation and Governance of Top Football Across Europe. An Institutional Perspective. New York. Routledge

· Gammelsæter, H. & Senaux, B. (2012), The Governance of the Game. A Review of the research on football’s governance, in Söderman, S. & Dolles, H., Handbook of Research on Sport and Business. Cheltenham: Edwar Elgar

· Gammelsæter, H., (2013), Leader succession and effectiveness in team sport: a critical review of the coach succession literature. Sport, Business and Management 2013Volume 3.(4) s. 285-296

· Gammelsæter, H. & Solenes, O. (2013), Money in – brains out? Institutional logics affecting athletes’ preparation for alternative careers. European Journal for Sport and Society; Volume 10.(3) s. 267-289


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