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Dolles Harald
Position: Professor
Department: Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences
Phone: +4771214085
eMail: Harald.Dolles@himolde.no
Office: A1.071
Cristin ID485847

 About me

Brief CV
Harald Dolles is Professor in Sport Management. He received his doctorate in international business/strategic management with a focus on East Asia from the University Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany. During his career he was Assistant Professor at Bayreuth University (Germany, 1996-2001), where he taught on the programme in “Sportökonomie”. From 2001 to 2006 he was assigned by the German Ministry of Education and Science to serve in official mission as expert on Japan and China at the economic section of the German Institute for Japanese Studies in Tokyo. During this time he also taught on International Business and International Human Resource Management as Visiting Professor at Chuo University (Tokyo). Before joining HiMolde Harald was Professor in International Business at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg (Gothenburg, Sweden), where he is still part-time affiliated.

Harald frequently contributes to scientific development in the fields of international business, Asian studies and sports management. He serves as European Editor for Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal and is active as reviewer to several other journals. Together with Reidar Mykletun he is currently editing the Handbook of Research on Managing Events, to be published with Edward Elgar in 2017/18.

Harald is member of the Advisory Committee to the Board of the Euro-Asia Management Studies Association (EAMSA), the Scientific Committee of the European Association for Sport Management (EASM) and acts as Chair of the European Academy of Management (EURAM) strategic interest group (SIG) on ‘Managing Sport’, a network of academics, practitioners, athletes and sport officials whose interests revolve around aspects of internationalisation, professionalization and commercialisation of sports in theory and in practice.

Harald’s research interests on “Sport Management” are:
o Sport as International Business (the international dimension of sports; sports industry and its markets; sport management and regional impact studies; market entry strategies; value creation in sport; innovation in sport)
o International Human Resources Management (talent management, expatriation)
o Sport Marketing and Sponsorship (exploring and determining sponsorship value, sponsorship strategies, branding)
o Events and Facilities (economic, social-cultural and environmental impact studies; funding and sponsorship; arena development; international dimension of managing events)

Streams of research within “International Business”:
o International Business and Strategy (dynamics of international competition; market entry strategies; collaborative strategies; competitive strategies of small and medium-sized firms (hidden champions); foreign subsidiary management; Asian markets, with a focus on Japan and China)
o International Human Resources Management (talent management, expatriation)
o Entrepreneurship and Innovation (cross-cultural comparisons; innovation management; patterns of leadership and motivation)

Research Project: “Enhancing the attractiveness of Swedish sport events; A study of participation events and highly involved international sports tourists” (2016-2018) Together with Tommy Andersson, John Armbrecht, Erik Lundberg (all Centre for Tourism at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden) and Donald Getz (Professor Emeritus, University of Calgary, Canada) Harald works on this project funded by the R&D Fund of the Swedish Tourism and Hospitality Industry [BFUF] and collaborating with the event organizing bodies of Vasaloppet, Vätternrundan, Vansbrosimningen, Lidingöloppet, Engelbrektsloppet and Göteborgs Varvet. The project aims to explore the increasing number of international tourists that travel long distances to participate in sports events, so called 'highly engaged sports participants'. The Swedish well known sports events collaborating in this project attract year by year many participants, local, national and from overseas, however they also realize that the (international) competition is increasing. With more and more events to choose from – how it can be guaranteed that those international highly engaged sports tourists choose to participate in their event? Having a good reputation might be not good enough in the future. A better understanding of the way how those highly involved and active sports tourists think and make their choices of participation is needed. With that knowledge in mind, event organizers are able to develop strategies to raise their profile on the international market and to sustain in the competition.

For more information see: http://bfuf.se/projekt/oka-intresset-for-svenska-idrottsevenemang-en-studie-av-internationella-sportturister/

Harald teaches among others on
o International business of sports
o Event management
o Sport and event marketing, sponsorship
o International human resources management
o Strategic management
o Managing across cultures
o Philosophy of science and research methods

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