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Holmgren Johan
Position: Professor
Department: Faculty of Logistics
Phone: +4771195810
eMail: Johan.Holmgren@himolde.no
Office: A1.076
Cristin ID711385

 About me


Originally born and raised in Kalmar, Sweden, I received a master degree in Economics and Political science from Linköping University in Sweden in 2001. The year after, I took a position as PhD-candidate in economics focusing on transport economics at Linköping University. I finished my thesis, Studies in local Public transport demand, in 2008 and received my PhD in Economics that year.


I then worked as Post-doctoral Research Fellow from late 2008 to early 2011. During this time I led a research project financed by the Swedish innovation agency VINNOVA, dealing with the economic impacts of infrastructure investments. Parallel to this I also continued my work on public transport demand.


In 2011, I started working as Senior Lecturer at the division of Communication and Transport Systems at Linköping University. In addition to my previous research topics, I now got involved in research in City logistics and urban freight transport as part of a collaborative project (TRENoP) between the Royal Institute of Technology, Linköping University and the Swedish Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI). During this time, I have also been working on optimal pricing of public transport services.


Between 2012 and 2017 I was project manager for a research project, financed by the Swedish Energy Agency, focusing on mode choice and car ownership and how transport and city planning can be used in stimulating a shift towards environmentally friendly modes of transport. This project is ongoing.


2015 I took a position as Associate Professor in Transport Economics at Molde University College, intent on continuing my work on transport demand, car ownership optimal transport pricing, mode choice in passenger as well as in freight transport and whatever else interesting opportunities that might present themselves.


In 2016 I was awarded the title Docent* in Economics by Linköping University and in 2017 I was promoted to full Professor in Transport Economics.



Current research topics

  • Transport demand
  • Mode choice in small and mid-sized towns
  • Car ownership
  • Efficiency in public sector operation
  • Effects of investing in infrastructure



Teaching experience

I have given courses in: Macroeconomics, Financial economics, Research methods, Economics of services, Gender economics, Community planning, Logistics, Economics of East Asia, Cost-Benefit Analysis and Transport economics.

In addition, I have also given single lectures in: City logistics and Public transport pricing and supervised a large number of master and bachelor theses.

I have given PhD courses in Applied statistics and Transport economics and been co-supervisor for two PhD candidates. Currently, I am main supervisor for one PhD student and co-supervisor for another.



Articles in peer reviewed journals

Merkel, A. Holmgren, J. (2017) Dredging the depths of knowledge: Efficiency analysis in the maritime port sector, Transport Policy, Vol. 60, pp. 63-74. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tranpol.2017.08.010

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Books and Book chapters with peer review

Holmgren, Johan. (Forthcoming) Using Cost-Benefits Analysis to Evaluate City Logistics Initiatives – An Application to Freight Consolidation in Small and Mid-sized Urban Areas, Accepted for publication in: New opportunities and challenges for City Logistics, Wiley-ISTE

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Books and Book chapters without peer review

Holmgren, Johan (2012) Urban freight transport initiatives: Knowing when it is worth the cost, in Longhurst, J., Brebbia, C. (eds.) Urban Transport XVIII: Urban Transport and the Environment in the 21st Century, WITpress

Conference papers**

Weinholt, Å., Holmgren, J. (2014) Evaluating the effects of organizational changes and private sector involvement on cost efficiency in fire and rescue services, Presented at International Research Society for Public Management Conference 2014, Ottawa

Holmgren, Johan (2013) A strategy for increasing public transport market share: an investigation of an alternative development, Presented at the 13th - International Conference on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport (Thredbo 13), Oxford

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Holmgren, Johan (2011) Urban Structure as Determinant of Short Distance Goods Transport, Presented at the 7th International Conference on City Logistics, Mallorca, Spain

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Holmgren, Johan (2003) Demand and Supply of Public Transport - A Study of Cause and Effect, Presented at the 8th - International Conference on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport (Thredbo 8), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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