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Haugen Kjetil Kåre
Position: Professor
Department: Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences
Phone: +4771214255
eMail: Kjetil.Haugen@hiMolde.no
Office: A2.069
Cristin ID41150

 About me


I hold an Msc in technical physics from the Norwegian Institute of Techonlogy (NTH -1984). After working some years as a contractual researcher in Trondheim-based SINTEF, I got a PhD scholarship at NTH. I finished my PhD with a thesis in Stochastic Optimization/Computer Science in 1991. During my scholarship period, I also spent a year at NHH (The Norwegian School of Economics) where I graduated from the so-called ”Høyere avdelings eksamen” program, a part og the PhD-program at NHH at that time.


After finishing my PhD, I started to work as an associate professor at NTH. I finished this period in 1995, and moved back into SINTEF, now as a research manager. During the next two years, I managed a unit (Applied Economics) consisting of between 12 and 15 researchers mainly involved in projects related to Norwegian petroleum exploration, production and transportation. In 1997, i returned to academia and started to work for Molde University College (MUC) as an associate professor. I got a full professorship in logistics in 2005, as well as one in Sport Management in 2011.


Today, I work as a vice rector at MUC, but also still doing some teaching and research.


During my period in Trondheim at NTH (Now NTNU), I worked mainly within the Operations Research/Computer Science field researchwise. I also lectured several topics like Micro- and Macro Economics, Financial Theory, Operations Research, Regional and Urban Economics, Industrial Organization and Game Theory, to name some.


At SINTEF I worked within and managed several smaller and bigger projetcs, mostly related to petroleum optimization, ranging from single platform optimization to portfolio optimization of the whole continental shelf. I have amongst others been involved with companies like STATOIL, SAGA Petroleum, Norsk Hydro, Phillips Conoco and The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.




As mentioned above, I had - already before entering MUC - a relatively broad lecturing experience within quantitative economics/administration subjects. Today, in Molde, I teach mosty within the Sport and Event Management programs, focusing on Sports Economics and Game Theory applied to football. I still do some logistics teaching, but this activity has gradually decreased over the latter years. During my Molde-period, I have lectured Microeconomics, Public Economics, Forecasting, Market Research, Simulation, Fortran Programming, Game Theory, Sports Economics, Auction Theory and Logistics/SCM.




As discussed above, my growing interest for Sports Economics and Game Theory applied in football has governed much of my recent research. I have published on many different topics related to these topics; Economics of Doping, Point Scores and Competitive Balance/Imbalance, theory of player trade in contests, the role of needle eyes in football and penalty kicks to name a few. I have mainly done this research alone, but from time to time through cooperation. My primary co authors have been, H.A. Solberg, H. Gammelsæter, A Hervik, A. Petroczi, T. Nepusz and H. Preuss. My present research within Logistics/Mathematical Programming is sparser, but I still publish some, mainly cooperating with A. Olstad and a bunch of Czech colleagues. Buttons on the right (at this page) should cover my research record thoroughly, and further discussion is therefore omitted here.


I have published in journals such as Public Choice and EJOR, and done reviews for more than 10 international journals like for instance Journal of Political Economy and Labour Economics.


 Publications from Cristin