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Copyright and copying

By: Straumsheim Jens Petter | Published: 28.01.2013 13:53:33
Making copies is regulated by The Norwegian Copyright Act and its regulations. According to §12 in the law you are allowed to make copies for private use.
For copying that is not allowed according to §12, universities and colleges have an agreement with Kopinor. Norwegian and foreign publications can be copied within the frames of the agreement. This means you do not need to trace the copyright each time you copy from scientific literature.
The agreement makes it legal to copy from all kinds of publications, Norwegian and foreign, within certain frames:
  • The copies must only be used in education, research or other intern use in the institution
  • The copies must not replace buying the publication you otherwise would have bought
  • You can copy from: Books, journals, magazines, newspapers, single notes and collections, brochures and other free publications, material from Internet which is relevant for consent from Kopinor
  • The agreement is only valid to copies to paper, transparencies, slides or similar. Digital copies can not be given to end users in digital form
According to The Norwegian Copyright Act you usually can make copies from laws, regulations, court decisions and public documents.
Restrictions in scope of copying:
  • From books: Up to 15% or one whole chapter, one novel or one scene from a drama
  • From books no longer available or impossible to buy within reasonable time: up to 30%
  • For periodicals as newspapers, magazines or journals and brochures for free distribution you may copy unlimited, but from scientific journals only up to two articles one year from the same journal number to one person, and not more than 25 % of the pages
Creator :
Name of creator and the publication title must be given on the copy or shown on transparencies and similar products.
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Last updated: 10.04.2015 07:22:24
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