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External access

By: Brøyn Timo Peder | Published: 12.02.2013 11:07:42
Access to online databases from external connections
There are different ways to access the library databases:
  • Remote desktop Access remote desktop from  Start - Programs (Programmer) - Accessories (Tilbehør) - Remote Desktop Connection (Tilkobling til eksternt skrivebord)  to connect with karpe.stud.himolde.no
    • Log in with your studentnumber, like this: <studentnumber>@stud.himolde.no  and your usual password.
    • If you want to download articles etc. to your local computer, you have to choose 'Local Resources' in the Remote desktop window before connecting karpe.stud.himolde.no
  • Employees may use Remote Desktop (Eksternt skrivebord) or VPN (either SSTP VPN or Cisco VPN).


  • Athens is a system for controlled access to some of our databases.
    In Athens all users have to be registered in the database and get their personal username and   
    password. You will get this from the library. Athens gives access to databases from OVID and ProQuest, ACM Digital library, Ebrary, ScienceDirect and SPORTDiscus.
  • For some databases you need passwords. These you can find it in Fronter :   Choose room:  "HiM Student info", then "Arkiv", and then  "Passord til digitale ressurser / Passwords to some of the library's digital resources".
Last updated: 10.04.2015 07:23:42
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