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Lending rules

By: Straumsheim Jens Petter | Published: 12.02.2013 10:38:07
  • Everyone can use and borrow from the library.  
  • Students are registered as loaners when they start their first semester. The student card is also the library card: library ID is on the back side of the card. External borrowers must show identification papers and give their full address to be registered. The library card or other identification must be presented in order to borrow a document.  
  • The standard loan period is 28 days for books and 7 days for journals, films and some dictionaries. For other special collections or documents the loan period may differ.  
  • Books from the course collection can only be used in the Library.   
  • Loans may be renewed provided they are not reserved by someone else. Use “My Account” in Oria to renew loans and make reservations. Loans from other libraries must be renewed by the library.
  • The course books can neither be renewed nor reserved.  
  • The borrower is personally responsible for all material that is borrowed.
  • Please return the loan immediately when receiving an overdue note. The borrower can ask for a receipt upon delivery. Lost or damaged books must be compensated for, according to agreed rates. The borrower will be blocked for further loans for a period if there is delay in returning the course books, or when the library sends the third due notice.  
  • Students must register all changes in name and address on StudentWeb. 
  • Databases and electronic journals subscribed to by the library, are only available for students and staff at Molde University College and Molde Research Institute.
  • Any communication of access information to outsiders is prohibited. 

Orders of books and journal articles from students

Please find books and journals owned by the library yourself. (Except for distance students and students in practice). Search in Oria will tell you on which shelf in the library you find it.
Journal articles available electronically via Oria, you have to find and print yourself. If you have any problems, please contact the library.    

Interlibrary loan

If the document is relevant for your study or research and not available at HiM, it can normally be ordered from an other library. You can registrate the order in Oria.

Studying abroad

Students who takes semesters abroad, can make agreements with the library to get extended loan periods.
Usually we do not send books abroad.
External access to databases

External users

External users may use and borrow from our collections and use the databases by visiting the library.
We do not send loans to private persons, please contact a local library.
Last updated: 25.07.2017 13:00:53
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