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Reference list

By: Sletten Anja | Published: 19.09.2013 10:03:21
The reference list is arranged alphabetically, and must include all the references included
in the text.
References are written with an indented margin from the second and following lines, with
no extra line break between the references. Alternatively you can write it with a normal
margin and with extra line break between the references.
The reference should cointain all information necessary for unique identification, and usually
includes these elements:
Author, year of publication, title, place of publication and publisher 

Placing and layout

The reference list appears on a new page at the end of the document, but before the index. Use
the heading "Reference list". The list is sorted by the author's name used in the text citation.
The language used in the reference list should follow the language in the document; however the
indication of "editor" is given in the language of the actual reference.


References are arranged alphabetically by first author's last name. Multiple authors are separated
by a comma, with "and" before the last author. Only first author's name is inverted (i.e. last name,
first name). The full name of the author(s) should be used if known, otherwise use the last name and
initial of the first name. All authors are included in the list, but if there are more than ten authors, only
the first seven are included, followed by "et al.". 

Year of publication

The year follows directly after author's name, separated by period. It is the year of the actual edition of
a book used that should be given.


Use italics for book titles, journal titles and name of conferences. Use "quotation marks" for articles,
chapters, parts of work and unpublished works.
Subtitle can be omitted, but it is recommended to include it when it is informative. Journal titles should
not be shortened. In English, a journal title should be capitalized, but not article and book titles.


The edition is listed, if it is not first edition. Information on reprints is not included.

Place of publication

The place of publication is included for books, reports and other monographies, but not for journal articles.  


The publisher will often be an institution or a publishing company. It should be included in the reference for
books, reports and other monographies, but not for journal articles.
Last updated: 10.04.2015 07:26:08
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