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By: Hestad Jostein | Published: 26.02.2018 14:17:39

Arctic Logistics is logistical and environmental management of natural resources development and transportation in the Arctic area

Arctic Logistics is:

- transport economics in the Arctic

- petroleum logistics and offshore oil and gas field development in the Arctic

- social economics in the Arctic and High North regions

- environmental and emergency preparedness logistics in the Arctic

- information technologies and tools for decision choice, system analysis, data analysis on Arctic related topics 

Arctic Logistics educational and research activities are:

- joint research-based MSc course on Arctic Logistics taught at Molde University College

- joint Summer/Winter schools on Arctic Logistics organized by Gubkin University of Oil and Gas

- joint research workshops on Arctic Logistics

- guest lecturing and joint supervision of students on Arctic Logistics and related topics

Arctic Logistics aims in:

- strengthening long-term academic and research cooperation

- strengthening connections between higher education and research

- increasing quality and internationalization of study programmes

- increasing mobility of students

- increasing collaboration with industry and public sector 


Last updated: 03.06.2018 14:17:18
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