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​The first days at campus - register as a student

1b.pngCreate user account

Activate your user account (self-service portal)

  • Log in with your surname and identity number (contact our staff at room A076 about getting an identity number)
  • You have to accept electronically:

Guidlines for using computers at Molde University College and keycard

  • User ID (studentnumber) and password will be generated

Take note of your student number and password

2b.pngRegister with Student Web

Log on to StudentWeb - with your assigned student number and password. Log on using Feide. Choose "My studies" and click on show my education plan with assigned student number and password.

  • You must accept electronically: rules and guidelines conserning examination, rules concerning the use of sources and policy statements. References and bibliographies and library lending rules.
  • You must approve the study plan and register for the exam (bachelor in nursing and social education are automatically registered) Deadline for registration for each topic is September 1.
  • Our staff will be available if you need some help.

Check the following in the StudentWeb Portal:

  • That your home address is correct.
  • Your student home address is correct
  • Email and phone numbers are correct. Contact  studentweb@himolde.no if some of your information is incorrect.

 3b.pngPay semester fee

Remember to pay your semester fee. Deadline: September 1. (autumn) and February 1. (spring) Information about payment you will find in the StudentWeb portal.

4b.pngPhotoshoot og distribution of access card

You need to take a picture wich will be used on your access, printing and library card (same card). Remember to bring with you a valid id card and your studentnumber.

5b.pngActivate printing 

Log on to the page activate printing and get access to your printing account

6b.pngConnect to wireless LAN on campus (eduroam)

You will find wireless LAN all over Molde Campus. Wi-fi login for students: choose eduroam from available networks. Use your studentnumber: studentnumber@stud.himolde.no and press connect. Example: 123456@stud.himolde.no  Accept the Certificate when this appears.

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