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A compendium is a collection that subject's you own productions.
It may for example be:

  • Lecture Notes.
  • Past exam papers with solutions.
  • You own articles.

 Work distribution

in conjunction with a compendium

  • Make the Index (in Word) and send the e-mail.
  • If you have the originales, Send them by e-mail. (do not print them out, then we lose quality.)
  • if there should be copying from Books and magazines, hen you come to us with the originals.

Then we'll do the rest. 

We take the job of copies from books, magazines and the like. Collects all in a PDF. Add page numbers. Add the page numbers in the Index. Pressing and deliver for sale in Odin.

Could it be more easie?

 Contact info:

trykkeriet@himolde.no (Recommend that you use this address. Then will both receive your request.)
You can find us in Building A, 1 floor. In the northwest corner, in the dark corridor.

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