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Master of Science in Logistics

By: Straumsheim Jens Petter | Published: 15.01.2013 15:07:42

Molde University College – Specialized University in Logistics is the most central higher educational institution in Norway offering education within Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) at BSc, MSc and PhD level. The BSc program is, however, not open to international applicants.


Study duration:
2 years, full-time​

ECTS Credits:

Study Start:
August 2017



Place of Study:

​Tuition fee:


HiMolde offers a 2 years international MSc program in Logistics open for both Norwegian and international students. Logistics deals with the organization of the flows of products, services and information from raw materials to the end user. The MSc program in Logistics is therefore built on a broad spectrum of disciplines, such as economics, information/ communication technology, business administration, organization and management.
International applicants who apply under the category Individual Funding, must document sufficient funding to cover for their own living expenses while being an international student in Norway (minimum of NOK 103 950 per academic year).

There are three specializations within the MSc program in Logistics:

  1. Operation Management (OM) is meant for students interested in quantitative methods for planning and management of activities involved in procurement, production, inventory and distribution within and across companies. 
  2. Supply Chain Management (SCM) emphasize the problems and solutions associated with the management of logistics activities and inter-organizational issues, like industrial organization, purchasing and supply management. This option is suited for students with an interest in organization, business and to some extent social sciences. Although mathematics and statistics is used, the focus is more on the qualitative aspects involved in the management of the value chain. 
  3. Logistics Analytics (LA) - new autumn 2017 - is meant for students interested in quantitative methods for analyzing, planning and management of activities involved in procurement, production, inventory and distribution within and across companies. Mondern topics as big data, visual analytics and robotisation will be covered.
Students choosing the study option Supply Chain Management, will choose between 3 different sub-variants in the second semester:
  1. Advanced Supply Chain Management
  2. Transportation in Supply Chain Management and 
  3. Information Systems in Supply Chain Management.

Application deadlines:

1 February 2017:
International applicants with international education applying directly from abroad, and applicants who have a temporary residence permit in Norway.  The application deadline has now expired.  Next announcement: October 2017 for admission in 2018.
15 April 2017: Applicants with Norwegian education, who are either Norwegian citizens or who have a permanent residence permit in Norway.



 Contact us

Administrative Contact Person International applicants:
Ragnhild Brakstad, Senior Adviser/International Coordinator MSc/PhD ragnhild.brakstad@himolde.no
Phone: +47 71 21 41 08
Academic Contact Person: Professor Arnt Buvik 
Programme Manager MSc in Logistics
Phone: + 47 71 21 42 35
Last updated: 13.03.2017 13:07:35
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