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Master of Science in Petroleum Logistics

By: Straumsheim Jens Petter | Published: 05.12.2014 09:57:53

Molde University College – Specialized University in Logistics (HiMolde) is the most central higher education in Norway offering education within Logistics and Sport Management. HiMolde is offering a 2 year international MSc program in Petroleum Logistics held in English, open for both Norwegian and international students.

Study duration2 years, full-time
ECTS credits:  120
Study start:  August 2018
Degree:   MSc in Petroleum Logistics
Language of instruction:  English
Scholarships:   None
Tuition fee in Molde:  None
Tuition fee in Moscow.  Yes
Place of study:   Molde 
(And Moscow in case of Double degree)   


Logistics deals with the organization of the flows of products, services and information from raw materials to the end user. For a large number of industrial and business companies, achieving high quality logistics operations will be the key competitive factor for future success. Oil and gas companies are no exception from this.

The MSc program in Petroleum Logistics focuses on logistics, but with a greater emphasis on courses related to the oil and gas industry. The program aims at giving a thorough analysis and understanding of problems, challenges and solutions associated with all parts of the supply chains dealing with the oil and gas industry, on-shore as well as off-shore: exploration, purchasing, production planning, inventory management and downstream distribution planning.

Along with knowledge of a broad range of logistics topics, the program gives an understanding of the energy situation in the world, comparing existing renewable energy sources as well as non-renewable sources, both in terms of costs, qualities and availability.

Admitted Norwegian and international students can either take all the four semesters of the MSc program in Petroleum Logistics at HiMolde, or they can upon an approved application participate in an international exchange program at one of our collaboration institutions in the second semester of their MSc studies.

Possibility of double degree

Russian students admitted to the MSc program in Petroleum Logistics at HiMolde, also have the chance to take a double degree in collaboration with the main oil and gas university in Russia: Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (http://www.gubkin.ru/eng). Students following the double degree option of the MSc program, must undertake study periods at both institutions. Classes in the first and third semester will then take place at HiMolde, and the second semester will be held in Moscow. The master's thesis in the fourth and final semester can either be taken at HiMolde or at Gubkin.

Target Groups and Admission Requirements

The MSc program in Petroleum Logistics targets highly motivated students with an interest in studying petroleum logistics in an international environment. Applicants should have completed a recognized BSc, BBA, BEng, BTech degree or equivalent degree corresponding to a minimum of 180 ECTS credits within relevant academic disciplines mentioned in the information document for international applicants on this page. Please also see the information about the formal English language requirements for some groups of applicants mentioned in the same document. 

Financial requirements

HiMolde is not charging any tuition fees from Norwegian or international students taking all the four semesters of the MSc program in Petroleum Logistics in Molde. However, international applicants from countries outside EU/ EEA, will be required to document a minimum of NOK 111 657 together with their application form to cover for their own living expenses during their planned MSc studies at HiMolde.
Russian students following the double degree option, will be required to pay tuition fees to Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas.

For further information, please see the information document for international applicants.

Application deadlines:

1 February 2018: 
International applicants with international education applying directly from abroad, and applicants who have a temporary residence permit in Norway.

15 April 2018:
Applicants who are Norwegian citizens or who have a permanent residence permit in Norway.

 Contact us

Administrative Contact Person International applicants:
Ragnhild Brakstad, Senior Adviser/International Coordinator MSc/PhD studies ragnhild.brakstad@himolde.no
Phone: +47 71 21 41 08
Academic Contact Person:
Programme Manager MSc in Logistics and MSc in Petroleum Logistics
Last updated: 01.03.2018 11:34:07
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