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Master of Science in Sport Management

Published: 07.02.2013 15:18:40

 Meet the professional


​Ole Gunnar Solskjaer - manager of Molde Fotballklubb

 Meet the student


​Fraser Sturgess - Student MSc in Sport Management

 Meet the professor


​Hallgeir Gammelsæter - Professor at Molde University College

 ​Where your passion and career come together

The Molde MSc in Sport Management is designed to prepare students to work in management positions in the sport and sport-related industry. It intends to convey a solid understanding and knowledge about sport management as it is practiced globally. Students are introduced to legal, ethical, economical, organizational, historical, political, and psychological topics necessary to meet the demands of this growing industry. 

Study duration:  2 years, full-time

ECTS Credits: 120​

Study Start: August 2018

Degree: MSc​

Language of instruction:English

Place of Study: Molde ​

Tuition fee: None

​Scholarships: None 

Application deadline: Se details below

The first semester is designed to introduce the students to essential and specific topics and theories of contemporary management, which is valid also in sport. Besides there will be sport specific topics, aiming to increase understanding sport in its historical and contemporary contexts. Contemporary Issues in Sport Management is composed of three week long stand-alone seminars. The seminars are announced in advance but may change from year to year and some of them given by guest lecturers.

The second semester has a full sport focus, taking up issues of sport economics, leadership and innovation and reflecting the fact that managing sport is inextricably also about managing and marketing sport events. Seminars in Sport Leadership and Innovation is organized as three week long stand-alone seminars in a similar way to Contemporary Issues in Sport Management.

The third and fourth semesters are dedicated much to developing the student’s master theses’ and skills to do research on sport management topics. Students are expected to develop skills in working independently and in groups to advance their understanding of contemporary sport management topics and prepare for key positions in the sport industry. As part of this, students link up with an external sport body or organization for a 10-week internship. Alongside these preparations, students are given by another series of three stand-alone seminars, in Marketing, media and sponsorship.


Benefits from the Molde MSc in Sport Management

The global increase of professionalization, commercialization, technology and media interest have created a multiple of new employment opportunities related to sports. Our MSc in Sport Management is designed to prepare students to work in this field.

We believe that the combination of broad sport related topics, specific sport management concentrations, a 15 ECTS worth internship as well as dedicated students and faculty is the best preparation for future sport managers.
We offer a unique, tuition free MSc programme that prepares students for global as well as local responsibilities. The programme is accredited by the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT).

Our students come from all over the world, resulting in a diverse learning environment and a unique opportunity for each student to develop cross-cultural skills necessary to work on the global sport management scene.

Our studies are flexible, and students may take courses at one of our recommended partner universities in Europe. This is possible due to mutual recognition of transfer credits between partner institutions.
Students will meet an internationally renowned faculty, with a cohesive perspective on teaching and research in sport management and sport management-related disciplines. The faculty is well integrated into the sport scene and collaborates with a multitude of sports organizations and institutions nationally and internationally.

Double Degree in Sport Management and Sport Science

In collaboration with Reykjavik University (RU), Iceland, we offer a double degree in sport management and sport science. This means that Icelandic and Norwegian students have the opportunity to combine 60 ECTS from RU with 60 ECTS from HiMolde and complete double degree including a Master of Science degree in Sport Management from HiMolde and a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and Coaching from RU. 

Application deadlines:

  • 1 February 2018: Application deadline for international applicants with international education applying directly from abroad and applicants who have a temporary residence permit in Norway. 
  • 15 April 2018: Applicants with Norwegian or Nordic education, who are either Norwegian or Nordic citizens or who have a permanent residence permit in Norway.

 Contact us

​Administrative Contact Person International applicants:
Ragnhild Brakstad, Senior Adviser/International Coordinator MSc/PhD ragnhild.brakstad@himolde.no
Phone: +47 71 21 41 08
Academic Contact Person: 
Associate Professor Solveig Straume,
Programme Manager MSc in Sport Management solveig.straume@himolde.no

"My main goal is to work in the sport environment in the future. I found that Molde has an interesting programme, and I had heard good things about it from previous students.

HiMolde provides a really personal, constructive and creative atmosphere. You feel welcome from the first minute.  My plan is to use my knowledge in the field of sports and exercise, to improve Icelandic handball."
Arnor Asgeirsson
Graduate, MSc in Sport Management
Reykjavik, Iceland
Last updated: 28.08.2018 15:17:37
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