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Admission to the PhD programme

To be eligible for admittance, you must have an excellent academic record with at least a five-year master-level degree in a relevant field, or equivalent educational qualifications. For applicants with a Norwegian background, an average mark of B or better (2.5 in old grades) from the master-level study is required.
With financing in order, the first thing you should do is to determine the research topic you would like to pursue in your work on your thesis.
When you have determined your research topic, you must locate a member of the academic staff of Molde University College who is interested in your topic, qualified as a supervisor and willing to help you.
You can do that in several ways. One possibility is to contact the leader of the Doctoral Degree Committee, who will try to help you. If you already know whom you would like as a supervisor, you should get in touch with that person. When you have found a potential supervisor, you and the supervisor should write an application, with emphasis on the research topic and methodology, plus a package of courses and a plan for a stay abroad. This is the major part of your application for admittance.
The Doctoral Degree Committee at Molde University College will make the final decision about accepting you as a PhD student. If you are employed at the college as scholarship holder, much of this would have had to be done in that process.
Applicants with their own funding can apply anytime during the academic year. Applicants with a scholarship at Molde University College should apply as soon as possible after receiving notification about a scholarship position.
Last updated: 10.04.2015 10:34:31
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