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Living in Molde and Norway

By: Straumsheim Jens Petter | Published: 24.01.2013 14:40:13

Molde - the city and it`s surroundings 

Molde is an idyllic city on the west coast of Norway, and is referred to as the town of roses. The town has approximately 27000 inhabitants and is the regional centre of the county of Møre and Romsdal. Molde is surrounded by mountains and fjords, and the region has a beautiful landscape. There are excellent opportunities for outdoor activities and sports in winter as well as in summer.
Molde has a wide cultural variety. Molde International Jazz Festival is arranged every year in July. World famous musicians meet and perform top quality music for an international audience. Another yearly event is the "Bjørnson Literature Festival". This festival takes place either in July or August. The regional theatre called "Teatret Vårt", is considered to be one of the best in Norway.


For enquires and brochures, the best place to go, is Molde Tourist Office situated on Torget in downtown Molde. You can also visit www.visitmolde.com/en.


Molde is located on the north-west coast of Norway. This has an impact on the climate. The winters are relatively mild with changing weather conditions. Winter temperatures are often around zero degree celsius, but can for periods fall below zero. We can get quite a lot of snow for periods. If you are staying here during wintertime, remember to bring warm clothing and solid footwear. In the summer the temperatures are usually around 15-20 degrees celsius, but it can be either warmer or colder in periods. The need for a good raincoat is present year round.

Cost of living

The Norwegian currency is the Norwegian krone. The official abbreviation is NOK.
Credit cards widely accepted in shops, restaurants, hotels, etc
Average cost of living per month
Norwegian Kroner (NOK)
2 500 NOK
500 NOK
500 NOK
Personal needs
700 -1000 NOK

Leisure activities:

100-300 NOK
Movie Theatre
85 NOK
150-300 NOK
100-300 NOK
Pubs/cafes (coffee, minerals, beer etc)                                       
25-85 NOK

The metric system

The metric system is used in weight and measurements
Electricity: 220 volt AC
The temperature is measured in degrees Celsius


Upon your arrival at the Molde University College you will receive a student ID-card. With the student-ID card you obtain discounts on airplanes, bus & train fares throughout Norway.
Last updated: 28.11.2016 10:55:55
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