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PhD thesis in Logistics 2006 - 2017

By: Brøyn Timo Peder | Published: 17.12.2014 10:33:24

Sergei Teryokhin: Inter-organizational information systems (IOS) in buyer-seller relationships: transaction costs and coordination perspectives (PhDtheses in logistics 2018:2)

Eivind Tveter: Four essays on the wider economic benefits of transport improvements (PhD theses in logistics 2018:1)

Yury Redutskiy: Strategic planning problems for smart solutions in oil and gas industry (PhD theses in logistics 2017:4)

Yusta Wilson Simwita: Improving healthcare processes: An empirical study based on orthopaedic care processes (PhD theses in logistics 2017:3)

Katerina Shaton: Essays on upstream gas transport infrastructure planning and appraisal (PhD theses in logistics 2017:2)

Brice Assimizele: Models and algorithms for optimal dynamic allocation of patrol tugs to oil tankers along the northern Norwegian coast (PhD theses in logistics 2017:1)     

Renger Philemon Kanani: The effect of processor control on screening transaction costs in farmer–food processor relationships: An investigation of antecedents and contingency factors (PhD theses in logistics 2016:5)

Yasmine Mohamed El Meladi: The antecedents and the consequent effect of logistics outsourcing performance on the buyer logistics performance: An empirical study of textile and clothing exporting companies in Egypt (PhD theses in logistics 2016:4)

Birgithe Eckermann Sandbæk: Essays on factors influencing operating room efficiency (PhD theses in logistics 2016:3)

Jorge Luis Oyola Mendoza: Essays on stochastic and multi-objective capacitated vehicle routing problems (PhD theses in logistics 2016:2)

Uladzimir Rubasheuski: Models and algorithms for coordinated lot-sizing and joint replenishment (PhD theses in logistics 2016:1)

Ellen Karoline Norlund: Green transportation planning in offshore supply (PhD theses in logistics 2015:3)

Dirk van Eikenhorst: Capacitated lot sizing problem with sequence dependent setups without setup carry-over (PhD theses in logistics 2015:2)

Urooj Pasha: Solution methods for fleet composition and routing problems (PhD theses in logistics 2015:1)

Lise Lillebrygfjeld Halse: Walking the path of change: globalization of the maritime cluster in North West Norway (PhD theses in logistics 2014:3)

Gladness Ladislaus Salema: The antecedents of supplier logistics performance : an empirical study of the essential medicines supply in Tanzania (PhD theses in logistics 2014:2)

Muhammad Omer Chaudhry: An assessment of linkages between investment in transport infrastructure and economic development (PhD theses in logistics 2014:1)

Nils Egil Søvde: Optimization of terrain transportation problems in forestry (PhD theses in logistics 2013:6)

Hans Petter Iversen: Logistikkerfaringer i psykiatri og psykisk helsearbeid: Om forståelse, organisering og ledelse av relasjoner i en profesjonell organisasjon i omstilling (PhD theses in logistics 2013:5)

Trond Bottolfsen: The impact of internal, customer and supplier integration on store performance (PhD theses in logistics 2013:4)

Halvor Schøyen: Identifying efficiency potentials in maritime logistics: Investigations from container and bulk trades (PhD theses in logistics 2013:3)

Jianyong Jin: Cooperative parallel metaheuristics for large scale vehicle routing problems (PhD theses in logistics 2013:2)

Uttam Kumar Regmi: Essays on air transport marketing and economics (PhD theses in logistics 2013:1)

Richard Glavee-Geo: The antecedents and consequences of supplier satisfaction in agro-commodity value chain: an empirical study of smallholder cocoa growers of Ghana (PhD theses in logistics 2012:5)

Guillaume Lanquepin: Algorithms for dynamic pricing and lot sizing (PhD theses in logistics 2012:4)

Feifei Qin: Essays on efficient operational strategy of urban rail transit (PhD theses in logistics 2012:3)

Fubin Qian: Passenger risk minimization in helicopter transportation for the offshore petroleum industry (PhD theses in logistics 2012:2)

Ola Bø: Aspects of production tracking systems in the supply network for caught seafood (PhD theses in logistics 2012:1)

Xu, Yue: Competition and cooperation : a game theoretic analysis on the development of Norwegian continental shelf (PhD theses in logistics 2010:4)

Aliaksandr Shyshou: Vessel planning in offshore oil and gas operations (PhD theses in logistics 2010:3)

Biju K. Thapalia: Stochastic single-commodity network design (PhD theses in logistics 2010:2)

Krystsina Bakhrankova:Production planning in continuous process industries: theoretical and optimization issues (PhD theses in logistics 2010:1)

Bharat P. Bhatta: Discrete choice analysis with emphasis on problems of network-based level of service attributes in travel demand modeling (PhD theses in logistics 2009:4)

Umar Burki: Cross cultural effects on the relational governance of buyer-supplier relationships: an empirical study of the textile exporting firms of Pakistan (PhD theses in logistics 2009:3)

Hajnalka Vaagen: Assortment planning under uncertainty (PhD theses in logistics 2009:2)

Naima Saeed: Competition and cooperation among container terminals in Pakistan: with emphasis on game theoretical analysis (PhD theses in logistics 2009:1)

Ole Holte Sandvik: Essays on buyer-seller relationships and risk in supply chain management (PhD theses in logistics 2008:5)

Bernt E. Tysseland: System supportability and life cycle cost based decisions (PhD theses in logistics 2008:4)

Bjørnar Aas: Upstream logistics in offshore petroleum production (PhD theses in logistics 2008:3)

Frederick Mwakibinga: Public sector procurement in Tanzania: an analysis of rule compliance antecedents (PhD theses in logistics 2008:2)

Johan Oppen: Models and solutions for rich transportation problems (PhD theses in logistics 2008:1)

Lars Magnus Hvattum: Heuristics for stochastic vehicle and inventory routing problems (PhD theses in logistics 2007:2)

Gøril Hannås: Vertical electronic coordination and specific IT investments in business-to-business relationships (PhD theses in logistics 2007:1)

Arild Hoff: Heuristics for rich vehicle routing problems (PhD theses in logistics 2006:3)

Arnt Gunnar Lium: Stochastic service network design (PhD theses in logistics 2006:2)

Berit Helgheim: Production processes in health care (PhD theses in logistics 2006:1)

The theses can be ordered/borrowed from the library biblioteket@himolde.no

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