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EUV 777 Bitcoin-Blockchain-Programming

Av: Straumsheim Jens Petter | Publisert: 2/9/2018 10:54:44 AM


This is a course in Bitcoin-Blockchain Programming where you will learn the technical foundations of blockchains and how they interact with business applications within supply chain management. Javascript is used as programming language (knowledge of Javascript is an advantage, but not a requirement). The course is provided by in cooperation with Norges Bitcoin- og Blokkjedeforening.

Part 1: Technical Foundation by Bjørn Jæger, HiMolde and ManuNet4.0 research project

  • February 22 1815-21 Introduction. Javascript. The use of hash functions.
  • February 27 1815-21 Symmetric Encryption.
  • March 13 1815-21. Asymmetric Encryption.
  • March 20 1815-21. Introduction to Blockchain Technologies.

Part 2: Bitcoin-Blockchain Programming by Norges Bitcoin og Blockchainforening
(The contents will be similar to: https://norgesbitcoinforening.no/workshop-bitcoin-blockchain-programming/)
Tentative dates and times

  • April 9 1815-21. Technical Introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain
  • April 16 1815-21. Building our first Bitcoin Blockchain application
  • April 23 1815-21. Enhancing our Bitcoin Blockchain application

Part 3: Summary and hand out of assignment needed to get study credits.


2 or 3 hours of lectures at selected weeks with guided exercises.

Mandatory Assignments

All exercises are mandatory to get credits.


A written report describing a case where blockchain technologies can be used in a supply chains. Expected length: 10 pages plus eventual source code.



Learning outcome

After successfully completing this class, students should:

  • Have practical skills in generating hash code for a given digital file.
  • Have practical skills in using public key cryptographic libraries in Javascript
  • Have theoretical knowledge of the building blocks of blockchains
  • Have an understanding of how bitcoin-blockchains can be applied in supply chains


  • Participants that do not take an exam will have to pay a fee of 5000 NOK.


Sist oppdatert: 2/15/2018 9:07:42 AM
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