Nettsider med emneord «Research»

Publisert 8. apr. 2019 14:36

The number and proportion of elderly people in the population will increase considerably in future  decades.  Many of these individuals will be healthy and live to very old ages. However, many will also live for several years with chronic and complex diseases including cognitive impairment and dementia. Dementia is considered one of the main public health challenges, with a current prevalence of approximately 80,000 in Norway. There is a need for comprehensive and clinically relevant research and professional development on these topics to make it possible to tailor the education of health and social care staff to meet the needs of the service users.

Publisert 4. okt. 2018 13:12

The group performs research on quantitative methods with applications in planning and decision support. Organizations are faced with increasingly complex and challenging decisions, and have access to an increasing amount of data. Many decisions that have traditionally been made manually, can now be analyzed efficiently with the help of mathematical models and computerized calculations. 

Publisert 29. aug. 2018 12:10

Gruppen forsker på kvantitative metoder med anvendelse innen planlegging og beslutningsstøtte. Organisasjoner står overfor stadig mer komplekse og utfordrende beslutninger, og har tilgang til en stadig økende mengde data. Mange beslutninger som tradisjonelt gjøres manuelt, kan nå analyseres mer effektivt med hjelp av matematiske modeller og beregninger utført av datamaskiner. 

Publisert 29. aug. 2018 12:09

Engineering logistics is a research group within logistics and organization science aiming at developing and publishing knowledge in particular relevant to Norwegian manufacturing industry, but also to public sector.