Access to academic journals 2019

Unit are negotiating the agreements with Elsevier on behalf of the Norwegian universities and university colleges.

Last update status:

- Press release April 23th 2019: Norway and Elsevier agree on pilot national licence for research access and publishing.

- Students and employees at Molde University College will still have access to download articles from the ScienceDirect database.

Norwegian universities and university colleges have agreements with several academic publishers on access to scientific literature. Currently several such agreements are being renegotiated, and an important aspect is Norway’s "National goals and guidelines for open access to scientific articles". These goals and guidelines stipulate that all Norwegian publicly funded scientific articles must be open access by 2024.

330 million NOK each year

Today's subscription system means that scientific articles are locked behind paywalls, and the major international publishers demand an ever-increasing price for their subscription packages. Norwegian academic institutions pay the publishers more than 330 million NOK every year (about 110 million NOK to Elsevier alone) for access to scientific articles, including those published by researchers at the Norwegian institutions.


Tips for gaining articles from other vendors (than Elsevier):

- Search the Internet with extenstions 

Search for articles like you normally do and use browser extensions to show you where to find open accessible versions of an article. You will need to download and install the extensions in your web browser.

  • Unpaywall (for Chrome and Firefox) An extension that will take you to an open accessible version of the article you are searching for – if available. [Alternative links: Firefox - Chrome.]
  • Open Access Button (works best with Chrome and Firefox)
    An extension that will take you to an open accessible version of the article you are searching for – if available. In addition, you can contact the authors and ask them to archive the article to an open academic repository.
  • Google Scholar Button (for Chrome and Firefox)
    An extension that adds a browser button for easy access to Google Scholar from any web page. Search for the Google Scholar Button to find, download and install the extension

- Contact the author or other researchers

Researchers will often share articles that are not open access between themselves (depending on the agreement with the publisher) - so called ‘scholarly sharing’. You can send the author an email or use the social networks for researchers – most are happy to share. [ResearchGate and]

- Contact the library

The library can help you in obtaining articles which are not available at HiMolde. Search for and order the articles in Oria (, and we will get it for you.


Some relevant articles (mostly in Norwegian):

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