Travel restrictions due to the corona pandemic

Regulations for work-related travels

Molde University College's policy is at the time being that employees shall not undertake work-related travels to/from abroad. Employees must also carefully consider if it is necessary to undertake domestic travels, and to avoid this if possible. All such travels must be approved by your personnel leader in advance. The employee shall get to know and follow the national guidance for the Corona pandemic.

Recommendations for other travels

Employees are recommended to avoid other travels to red and yellow zones. If you undertake such a travel, it is on your own risk. With a quarantine due to a travel related to a red zone, salary will not be paid unless home office is possible and confirmed by your personnel leader. This relates to zones, which are red on the time it is entered, or already recommended as red by Norwegian Institute of Public Health. By return from a yellow zone, which is not qualifying for a quarantine, we recommend our employees to take great care the first days after return. Teaching in classrooms is fine, but we ask you to avoid social interactions with colleagues and students, such as dinners and "non-work" happenings. If you arrive with plain from abroad, we ask you take a corona test at the airport, and await to return on campus until the test is confirmed negative.

Employees on the Faculty of Helath Sciences  and Social Care must in addition ake into consideration recommendation for health personnel.

We understand that this information can be considered as strict by some, but we ask for understanding that the employer now is very concerned by warning that some actively put one self and others in a more risky situation related to corona, or does the institutional activities more difficult by not being available as an employee. 

Published Aug. 20, 2020 12:25 PM - Last modified Aug. 20, 2020 12:25 PM