Both digital and campus-tuition from Wednesday 20 January

On Monday,  the government presented the new national guidelines for infection control and handling of Covid-19, and here it is stated that we will continue to provide digital education. At the same time, we will also offer students campus tuition where possible. The institutions are given the freedom to decide for themselves when possible, in consultation with local health authorities.

Campus teaching at HiMolde from Wednesday 20 January

The emergency response team at Molde University College has had this on the agenda in Tuesday's meeting and concluded that it is justifiable to open up with campus teaching again, given that the infection situation in Molde and Kristiansund is still good, and that few employees and students depend on public transport to job. We have been in contact with the municipal chief physicians at both our campuses, and received support that teaching in small groups is fine.

Well organized campus

Fortunately, all our classrooms and auditoriums are well-designed and marked, so that sufficient distance between students can be maintained. Therefore, HiMolde is now stepping up physical education from 20 January, in parallel with the provision of digital education. The students choose whether they participate physically or follow the lecture digitally, but we encourage students to attend as we believe it provides added value, both academically and socially and that the infection control advice is followed at all times.

Will it be campus teaching in all subjects?

Basically, we now want to offer campus teaching in all subjects, but are open to the fact that there may be subjects that deviate from this. It can e.g. apply to courses with a very large number of attending students, or group-based courses. In any case, students must be given good information on Canvas about the teaching plan in the individual course.

Published Jan. 21, 2021 3:23 PM - Last modified Jan. 21, 2021 3:23 PM