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First step in reopening campuses from 16 April

Yesterday, the government presented concrete measures in the first step of the reopening. The emergency response team has met today and laid out a plan for how we will implement this at our campuses. The following applies at Molde University College in Molde and Kristiansund, starting Friday 16 April.

The first step in the government's reopening plan is to reverse the national measures that were introduced before Easter (valid from 25 March).

Open Campus

From the government:

It will again be possible to be on campus with reinforced infection control measures. Access to reading rooms and libraries must be provided. Larger lectures and gatherings should be avoided, but teaching in smaller groups can be carried out.

Significance for Molde University College:

  • The exterior doors to our campuses in Molde and Kristiansund will reopen from Friday 16 April. The same goes for the library.
  • The employment zones will still be locked for those without a key card.
  • A hybrid solution can again be introduced at Department HS, where physical and digital teaching is offered in parallel. Students choose whether they meet physically or digitally. Subject teachers coordinate the need for rooms with room reservation (room booking) to find optimal solutions.
  • At Department ØS and Department LOG, the main rule is digital teaching. Teachers who want some physical teaching must contact the room reservation, and give the students information in Canvas about which scheme will apply.
  • Several classrooms have already been set aside for classroom reading rooms. This arrangement is continued and, if necessary, these rooms can also be used for colloquium groups and student-led activities in small groups in preparation for the exam.
  • Physical events can again be held, provided that the 1-meter rule can be complied with.
  • Our service points are again open to the public, but feel free to contact us via, or in advance.


From the government:

The requirement for a home office for everyone has been changed to a recommendation for a home office for everyone who has the opportunity.

Significance for employees at HiMolde:

  • There is now an opportunity for more people to return to work. With an open campus and more students present, the needs for more employees at work will also be greater.
  • With low infection pressure, cell offices and little use of public transport back and forth to work, we generally want to meet at the workplace when the campus is now open to everyone. Any agreement on a home office is made with the immediate manager.


From the government:

  • Travel abroad is not recommended. Strictly necessary trips can be made.
  • Avoid unnecessary domestic travel. This is especially important to and from areas with high infection pressure.
  • Trips to work and study can be considered a necessary trip.
  • People who travel to municipalities with less strict measures should follow the recommendations that apply in the municipality in which they live as usual.

Clarification for employees and students at HiMolde:

  • Travel between our campuses in Molde and Kristiansund is considered necessary travel.
  • Travel to our campuses for lectures/simulation/exercises is considered necessary travel.

The emergency team at HiMolde
14 April 2021

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