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Corona Virus - Guidelines for students and staff

The Government has decided to move to a normal daily life with increased preparedness. This means that most corona restrictions will be removed from Saturday 25 September. However, it is still important with hand hygiene, cough etiquette, and staying at home and being tested if you are sick.

Molde University College is following the national guidelines for responding to the coronavirus.  

The emergency response team urge students and staff to pay a special attention to the following:

Travel advices

The college asks students and staff to follow travel advice from 

HiMolde students abroad should always follow the advice given by local contacts/health authorities

Register your travel abroad in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs' "Reiseregistrering" (in Norwegian only)

If you have visited a area with corona virus outbreak AND develop symptoms of a fever, cough or shortness of breath, you should immediately contact a doctor or the out-of-hours medical service by phone.  Note! It is important that you call the doctor before visiting the doctor's surgery. 

You can call the out-of-hours medical service on 116117

It is important that everyone follow FHI's advice, especially regarding hand hygiene and cough hygiene. (see information here)

The emergency response team at HiMolde follows the situation closely, and there may be changes in the guidelines and advice.

How to maintain good study habits

Should I stay in Norway?

  • YES, that is our recommendation. We think it is wise to make everyday life as much as possible a "normal" student life. 
  • The most important thing (except for staying healthy) is for you to complete your studies. 
  • If you do not stay in Molde / Kristiansund, make sure you make the time and space to study where you are.

Tips for online studying

  • Make a weekly study plan, then a realistic and measurable plan for each day. 
  • Maintain a time schedule, get up the same time each day, and decide how many hours you want to work before you set off 
  • Set time limits, such as a 25 min working, 5 min break, with a longer 15 min break after four such rounds (the Pomodoro technique). 
  • Vary your work methods (read alone, talk to yourself, solve (exam) assignments, tell someone what you just read) 
  • Start and end each study day with something that you know. 
  • Programs and apps such as Skype / facetime / Teams work great for several participants at once.

Who can I ask for help?

  • The program coordinator will be more than happy to help you. Send an e-mail. 
  • Your class mates! Create groups on digital platforms and make it easy to ask for help. 
  • The Student counsellor has several tips for study techniques

What about the library?

  • The Library is now open: Monday-Sunday 6-23, with attended service: Monday-Friday 8-18. 
  • If  you wish to return borrowed books, please contact, or use our new cabinet for returns, placed outside the main entrance at the A-building of HiMolde campus. 
  • You can still access our digital resources (articles, e-books, etc.) from home via "Remote Desktop" (external desktop) or the college's VPN solution, before searching or our databases
  • Our guidance service "book a librarian" is also in operation, but the guidance is only digital.
  • Please contact mail if anything is unclear or if you encounter any problems

What about the exams?

  • Yes, there will be exams, but at home and digital. Enter Studentweb to see the assessment form for your course.
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