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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Elisabeth Cathrine Askevold Askevold, Elisabeth Cathrine Adviser +4771195751
Flovikholm, Lilja Salminen Higher Executive Officer +4771195885
Picture of Anne Line Hoemsnes Fure Fure, Anne Line Hoemsnes Higher Executive Officer +4771214149
Picture of Randi Gammelsæter Gammelsæter, Randi Director of Finances and HR +4771214124 +4745661658
Picture of Jørn Gustad Gustad, Jørn Senior Adviser +4771214136 46877202 Human Relations
Picture of Mona Moldal Moldal, Mona Higher Executive Officer +4771195774
Picture of Kirsti Anne Storbakk Storbakk, Kirsti Anne Adviser +4771214120 45203761
Picture of Tone Finnøy Straumsheim Straumsheim, Tone Finnøy Senior Adviser +4771214290
Picture of Øyvind Sørensen Sørensen, Øyvind Seniorrådgiver økonomi +4771195740