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Tom is a Professor of Transport Policy at Molde, teaching transport and urban development, transport governance, and smart urban mobility.  His technical skills and research areas include parking management; making streetscape accessible for disabled people; transport policy development and appraisal, including comparisons of international best practice; Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning; scheme option generation and appraisal; mobility management, especially site-based mobility plans; concessionary public transport fares; public transport scheme development and appraisal; and transport training, education and programme and staff development.  He has a demonstrated ability to work successfully with senior government staff (at national, regional, local and transnational level), donors and civil society stakeholders including universities, as well as reasonably well-developed skills in training, developing and motivating staff.  .  

Tom has worked at a senior-ish level in academia for many years and has worked across Europe, including a two and a half year spell as a professor and cross-institutional national research centre director in Sweden, and now as a professor at Molde, as well as previously in the UK.  He contributed to the writing of the first EU Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan Guidelines and also produced two new practitioner briefings that complement EU SUMP Guidelines.  He has carried out research and consultancy projects over many years for the UK and Scottish governments, local governments, Swedish funding councils, the European Commission, the World Bank and private sector clients.

See CV for full details of projects and publications.  Molde's CRISTIN system lists my publications since 2018.  If the CV seems to be out of date and you are really interested to find out what I've been up to lately, just drop me an email.

Tags: transport, Transport demand, Logistics


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  • Plevnik, Aljaž & Rye, Tom (2021). Cross-border transport and mobility in the EU : issues and state of the art. Edizioni Ca’ Foscari. ISBN 978-88-6969-546-9. 360 p.

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  • Hudoklin, Andraž; Mladenovič, Luka; Balant, Mojca & Rye, Tom (2021). Effective measures in Sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMPs): Analysis of 10 (successful) European cities. Put i saobraćaj. ISSN 2406-1557. 67(4), p. 21–24. doi: 10.31075/PIS.67.04.04.
  • Lanzini, Pietro; Rye, Tom & Stocchetti, Andrea (2021). A SUMP perspective for cross-border mobility planning. In Plevnik, Aljaž & Rye, Tom (Ed.), Cross-border transport and mobility in the EU : issues and state of the art. Edizioni Ca’ Foscari. ISSN 978-88-6969-546-9. p. 53–63. doi: 10.30687/978-88-6969-546-9/005.
  • Sørensen, Claus Hedegaard; Hansson, Lisa & Rye, Tom (2021). Medborgarnas roll i transportpolitiken och i omställningen mot ett hållbart transportsystem, På väg mot hållbar omställning? : kunskap, makt och mening i nationell transportplanering. Linnefors förlag. ISSN 978-91-88651-12-9. p. 114–122.
  • Pomponi, Francesco; D’Amico, Bernardino & Rye, Tom (2019). Who is (likely) peer-reviewing your papers? : a partial insight into the world’s top reviewers. Publications. ISSN 2304-6775. 7(1), p. 1–7. doi: 10.3390/publications7010015.

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