Hosting Conference in Tanzania: Children with disabilities and quality of life – challenges and possibilities

In relation to the ongoing NOREC project, "Children with disabilities and UN rights conventions", a three-day conference will be arranged in Tanzania, called "Children with disabilities and quality of life – Challenges and possibilities".

From the conference poster.

The NOREC Project

For those of you who are not familiar with the NOREC project already, it should be mentioned that this is a NOREC-funded project that is based on the mutual exchange of staff and students. The aim of the project is to contribute to the improvement of the life quality of children with disabilities in Norway and Tanzania, by implementing the UN conventions on, respectively, the Rights of the Child and Persons with Disabilities.

The project currently involves the two partners, Molde University College and Patandi Teachers College of special needs education. However, hopefully, the project will expand with two more partners, the Western Norway University of Applied Science (Høgskulen på Vestlandet) and the Open University of Tanzania.

The project is led by Associate Professor Siv Elin Nord Sæbjørnsen, from Molde University College, and project group members are Thrine Marie Nøst Bromstad, Anne Madeleine BotslangenInger Helen Solheim and Bjørn Kjetil Larsen.

P.S.: For more information about the NOREC project, please visit the project blog:

The conference

The aim of the conference is to connect academia, the field of practice, policymakers, educational authorities, and other stakeholders for a joint focus on children with disabilities. The conference will take place at St. Carolus, Tengeru, Arusha in Tanzania on June 20., 21. and 22 this year. conference starts at 09.00 local times or 08.00 Norwegian times.

The preconference, June 20., is a research conference reserved for presentations of research papers relevant to the conference topic. Messages from the presented research will contribute to the basis of knowledge needed for workshops and panel debates for the next two days of the conference.

The conference will consist of keynote speech(es), a presentation of a research report on children with disabilities in Tanzania, workshops in mixed groups focusing on children with disabilities, and a panel debate about how research-based knowledge and suggestions for improvement can be practically implemented. Among the keynote speakers are representatives of Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and representatives from Unicef Tanzania.

See detailed conference programme

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