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Ageing and dementia

The number and proportion of elderly people in the population will increase considerably in future  decades.  Many of these individuals will be healthy and live to very old ages. However, many will also live for several years with chronic and complex diseases including cognitive impairment and dementia. Dementia is considered one of the main public health challenges, with a current prevalence of approximately 80,000 in Norway. There is a need for comprehensive and clinically relevant research and professional development on these topics to make it possible to tailor the education of health and social care staff to meet the needs of the service users.

Research group leader

Anne Marie Mork Rokstad picture Anne Marie Mork Rokstad E-mail: Phone: +4771195786

The research group, Ageing and dementia, will provide research tailored to elderly people and people with dementia. The overall aim of the group is to initiate and carry out clinically relevant, high quality research. Furthermore, the group aims to collect and disseminate evidence-based knowledge about ageing and dementia.  Applications will be made for funding research to be carried out in close collaboration with practice and national and international partners.

The research activity should contribute to the development of the study programs at Molde University College including bachelor’s, master’s and PhD level. The group is open for PhD fellows with projects covered by the topics of ageing and dementia. Master’s students with projects covered by the groups’ main aims are invited to present their research questions and results and get feed-back from the group. Partners with projects of current interest are invited to discuss their objectives and questions and receive supervision from group members.

The members of the group are mainly employed at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences at Molde University College and should be active researchers. Additionally, external resource persons are included in planning and completing actual projects. A central national collaborating partner is the Norwegian National Advisory Unit of Ageing and Health.

To ensure user involvement and close dialogue with practice, a reference group of participants from primary care, development centres for nursing homes and home-based services and hospital care (geriatrics and old age psychiatry) is established. The reference group is invited to give input about topics of current interest related to professional development and research. Their experiences of taking part in research projects are important to include. Coming up with ideas of research needed in practice is highly appreciated by the research group.


Current project(s)

Implementation of advanced clinical nursing in primary care. We will collect knowledge about students’ development of competence during their study programs. How is their competence and knowledge used in practice? Data are collected from the students and their leaders in primary care.


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