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Oil, Gas and Energy Logistics

The research group focuses on the research topics related to effective logistics for oil, gas and energy sectors. The main focus is on qualitative and economic analysis of logistics processes and projects, and quantitative decision-making for infrastructure design and logistics planning in the energy sector. Research directions include planning of upstream offshore oil, gas and wind logistics activities, economic appraisal of energy infrastructure development, and engineering logistics in the petroleum sector.


Norwegian-Russian Arctic Logistics project

Norway-Brazil cooperation in Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy Logistics

Research group leader

Irina Gribkovskaia picture Irina Gribkovskaia E-mail: Phone: +4771214211

Upstream offshore logistics research focuses on the development of  decision-support tools for fleet capacity planning, routes and schedules for vessels servicing offshore installations under objectives of cost and emissions minimizations  taking into account different uncertainty factors, risk minimization in offshore helicopter personnel transportation, and design of offshore emergency preparedness and response systems. Economic analysis and appraisal of the offshore infrastructure focuses on such aspects as the environmental impacts of infrastructure development and operation, uncertainty in the long-term decision-making and real options in investments, as well as the effects of new infrastructure developments on the strategic interactions of gas suppliers in the European market. Engineering logistics research in petroleum sector covers qualitative analysis of the industrial engineering projects and state-of-the-art smart solutions (also known as "integrated operations"), quantitative decision-making regarding oil and gas field infrastructure design and development scheduling, production optimization, and such risk management issues as safety systems design and staff scheduling for maintenance jobs in remote, offshore and Arctic areas. 

The group is very international in its structure and includes researchers from Norway, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Spain, UK and Belarus. The group has a long-lasting and close research collaboration with the petroleum and energy sector in Norway and in other energy producing countries. The group played a central role in the development of the MSc program in Petroleum Logistics in cooperation with the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, related to the research fields. The group engages many PhD and MSc students in its activities and actively participates in the international research cooperation projects, such as the Norwegian-Russian “Arctic Logistics” UTFORSK project with Russian universities and the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Norwegian-Brazilian “Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy Logistics” UTFORSK project with the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and the international energy producing companies Equinor and Petrobras.


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