Palliative Care

The research group is a collaboration between Molde University College and Helse Møre and Romsdal. The group is cross-professional and consists of researchers and professionals from various academic communities and institutions. Central to the group's work is interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral cooperation on research, research activities and dissemination of research. The research group has branches for both local, regional, national and international environments.

Research group leader

Aud Jorun Orøy picture Aud Jorun Orøy E-mail: Phone: +4771214016


The purpose of the research group is to be a research network that focuses on obtaining and disseminating knowledge in the field of palliative care and to that end, it

  • Encourages practice-based research by
    • Assisting in necessary search processes
    • Being a "door opener" to current research field
    • Helping find supervisors
    • Providing response to article draft.
  • Holds a discussion forum for employees, as well as Master and PhD candidates.
  • Communicates and discusses research in research seminars.
  • The research groups members presents their research at local, regional, national and international conferences, as well as in national and international journals.

Focus of Research

The focus of the research is on palliative care for people of different ages, with different diagnoses and in different phases of the disease and involves patients and their relatives both inside and outside the institution. The research also includes ethics, caring and caregiving. 


Members of the research group are researchers at Molde University College and Molde Hospital, Master’s and Ph.D. candidates, as well as professionals from the municipal and specialist health services.

International collaboration and networking

The research group collaborates with international academic and research environments.

  • Stanford Health Care, California. Garrett Chan


  • Research group meetings three to four times a year
  • Two research seminars, in which national and international researchers participate


We publish in national and international journals, books and book chapters, as well as on posters and in oral presentations at local, national and international conferences

Ongoing projects

  • Cancer care in Romsdal – Advanced care planning for cancer patients in palliative phase
  • The gift of life.  A phenomenological study of spiritual needs among relatives in the process of post-mortem organ donation
  • Intravenous treatment in specialized home hospitals
  • Palliation in the primary health service, with a focus on the GPs’ expertise and experience with palliative care
  • How do relatives experience interaction with healthcare professionals in the final phase of life?  An evaluation of the implementation of a standardized plan - life's last days.



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