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Pedagogy in professional education

The bachelor's programmes in nursing and social education (vernepleier) consist of a great deal of practice, 50% and 30%, respectively. The structure of the program, containing both theory and practice, implies educational challenges other than pure subject studies. The research group aims at concretizing and developing research-based knowledge related to issues concerning education of professional practitioners.

Research group leader

Kari Johanne Westad Hauge E-mail: Phone: +4771214033

NOKUT's accreditation of the education programs was aimed at ensuring the quality of the theoretical element in our professional education. In recent years, there has been a particular national focus on quality in practice studies, and the research group has specifically followed up on this topic in its activities.


Research areas

  • Quality in practice studies
  • Enhancing each other as researchers


Who are members?

  • Employees from nursing and social educator programmes
  • No external members yet, but the group is open to it


Group activity

  • Conducted a joint project with a focus on quality in the practice studies at the nursing      and social educator programmes
  • Conducts a joint project that investigates whether mentors in practice are letting nursing students through practice studies despite the fact that they have not reached the learning outcomes
  • Presentations of new project ideas or draft articles
  • Mutual guidance on the participant's own research projects
  • Discussion on various topics in the research process


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