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SOL - Social Change, Organization and Management

The SOL group has a long history at the Molde University College. In 1978, the University College established a curriculum in political science, and in the late 1980’s it formalized SOL as a group, gathering social scientist and researchers from other disciplines at the college and the co-located research institute Møre Research Molde. Since then, SOL has been an arena for disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies and projects, which have included partners within central organizations in public as well as private sector.

Research group leader

Dag Erik Berg picture Dag Erik Berg E-mail: Phone: +4771195850

Today most of the research in the group relates to social change, organization and policy implementation and governance. Our studies often originate from an interest in the local/regional level and its interaction with other governmental levels and/or/ public-private sector relations. The group has also carried out interdisciplinary research on resilience of regionally based industries and industrial clusters under the duress of globalization and the role of cluster based firms in global production networks. The group consists mainly of social scientists, and scholars within organization studies and law studies. Moreover, researchers within other social sciences and historians connect to SOL. As such, the group has been able to meet a growing need for interdisciplinary research.

Members of the group have a wide national and international network and participate in conferences all over the world. SOL has a core focus on disseminating theoretical and methodological issues in social science, often through seminars and joint research projects. SOL collaborate with several academic institutions in Europe on projects and co-authorships. The group welcomes visiting scholars and stimulates research exchanges.

SOL publish in national and international journals, for example Regulation and Governance, Nordiske Organisasjonsstudier, Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning, Tidsskrift for omsorgsforskning, International Journal of Care Coordination, Journal of Place Management and Development and Business History Review. The group also worked out book projects on evaluation theories and practices and important reform processes in public sector (for example Evaluering i teori og praksis [Evaluation in theory and practice] (Ed. Tornes, K.) and Resultatkommunen: reformer og resultater [Reforms in local government] (Ed. Torsteinsen, H.). SOL also organize public lectures on current political affairs.


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