Student life

Welcome all new students to the Opening week

Dear all new students at Molde University College.  A warm welcome to a new study year.  The official opening of the study year 2022/2022 is Wednesday 17  August.  International students will have a special opening event on Tuesday 16 Augst. All students will be divided into buddy groups and the opening week will offer a variety of events.

Student societies

The students are responsible for much of what's happening in free time. Here you will find an overview of the student societies at Molde University College. 

Student democracy

If you are interested in student policy, maybe the Student Parliament is something for you.

Student welfare

Student housing, book store, canteen or kindergarden.  SiMolde offers takes care of the student welfare.

Speak up!

Speak Up!
Speak up about things which do not work, undesirable incidents, accidents/near-accidents, and reporting wrongdoing.