Before you leave

Here is a list of conditions you need to get acquainted with. 

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Change of address
Documentation Housing
Personal Decleration Practical links
Securety Semesterfee
Tuition fees

Change of Address

  • Remember to update your semester address in studentweb.
  • Someone might need to get hold of you. 


  • Frequently required documents:
    • CV.
    • Letter of motivation.
    • Bank statements.
    • Police certificate.
    • Health certificate.
    • Documentation of language competence.


  • Many of the universities have their own agreements with dormitories and apartments.
  • You can also arrange housing privately.


  • Travel insurance

All students must be insured. It is your responsibility to provide travel insurance and to cover insurance costs. Examine whether your insurance will cover any damage, loss and return home due to illness during your stay abroad. ANSA has a good offer of student insurance. ANSA's student insurance is specially designed for international students.You can also use a insurance provider from your home country which might be cheaper. 

  • Health  insurance

Studens from EEA countries can use their European Health Insurance Card. As an international student from a non EEA country, it is your responsibility to provide health insurance and to cover insurance costs.



  • Remember a valid and correct passport for the entire study period.

    Personal Decleration 

    Practical links


    Semeste fee

    • Erasmus students pay semester fees to Molde University College and not tuition fees.
    • If you are not an Erasmus student, you pay tuition fees to the host institution and not semester fees to Molde University College.


    • Book plane / train tickets early.

    Tuition fees

    • At some institutions you have to pay a tuition fee.


    • Most countries require a visa for entering the country. If you are from a EU country you can travel without a visa within the EU. 
    • You apply for a visa via the country's embassy.
    • You must have an official letter of admission/invitation from your host institution before you can apply for a student visa.
    • You must cover the visa costs yourself.
    • The time it takes to get a visa and the price you have to pay can vary from country to country.
    • Contact the embassy of the country in question early for information on application procedures and what documentation they require.
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