Facts about the course

ECTS Credits:
Responsible department:
Faculty of Logistics
Course Leader:
Yury Redutskiy
Lecture Semester:
½ year

LOG777 Business Cases in Energy Logistics (Spring 2021)

About the course

The course consists of three cases presented by companies or public organizations managing various operations in both energy sector and other businesses concerned with the efficiency of energy use and environmental impact. The cases cover the following topics:

  • use of renewables in an integrated energy network for a particular geographical, business, and social context

  • design of energy transmission infrastructure which, in the overwhelming majority of cases, is a natural monopoly – analysis conducted with the social economy perspective

  • energy-efficiency and environmental impact of supply chain operations – analysis of businesses of various nature with respect to their energy use.

For each case, the students are to prepare a report analyzing, discussing and proposing a solution to the problems of logistic presented to them. 

The course is connected to the following study programs

Recommended requirements

LOG775 Energy Analytics and Sustainable Technologies and SØK710 Industrial Organization or equivalents to these courses.

The course is available for master students in Sustainable Energy Logistics only.

The student's learning outcomes after completing the course

Upon completing this course, the candidates will be will be able to apply their knowledge of the theory on energy value chains, technology, and sustainability, as well as modern-day research to solve real-life problems in energy logistics. The students will be able to figure out specifics of the businesses and the logistical challenges they are facing to come up with comprehensive and meaningful suggestions on resolving these practical issues.

Forms of teaching and learning

The presentation of the first case is arranged as a one-day seminar. One week after this seminar, the students attend a question session for the presented case, where they may discuss the case with the teacher or the company representative. 

The presentations of the second and the third cases are arranged in the form of a one-day seminar as well as two additional lectures (for each case). These lectures aim to discuss in detail the application of relevant theoretical frameworks to complex practical problems of both energy sector and energy use in supply chains.

Within approximately one month from the case presentation, the candidates are to submit the report proposing a solution to the problem presented to them.

The students may work individually or in groups up to two students. 

Coursework requirements - conditions for taking the exam

  • Obligatorisk arbeidskrav: Annet - spesifiser i kommentarfeltet

  • Antall arbeidskrav: 3

  • Påkrevde arbeidskrav: 3

  • Fremmøte: Påkrevd

  • Kommentar: All company presentations, question sessions, and one-day seminars are mandatory. The students must attend.


  • Vurderingsform: Hjemmeeksamen

  • Andel: 100%

  • Varighet: 1 Timer

  • Gruppering: Gruppe

  • Karakterskala: Bokstavkarakter

  • Hjelpemidler: Alle trykte og skrevne hjelpemidler

Course evaluation

The three submitted reports are considered to be home exams. They will be evaluated with a character (A – F) grade each. In total, the three reports will contribute 100% to the final grade for this course. 


The literature relevant the business cases presented each year is provided to the students at the start of the semester.

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