Facts about the course

ECTS Credits:
Responsible department:
Faculty of Logistics
Course Leader:
Deodat Edward Mwesiumo
Lecture Semester:
Spring, Autumn
1 week

DRL029 Survey Research Design and PLS-SEM (Spring 2022)

About the course

Survey-based research has been and will continue to be essential in advancing theory and practice in several disciplines. However, publishing survey-based studies in top-ranking journals is challenging. The main criticism is often regarding the validity of the insights provided by such studies. To be successful, researchers must adhere to the conditions under which a study may offer reliable and valid findings. This course aims to expose students to the trappings of high-quality survey research targeted for publication in top-ranking journals. The course will address the entire journey from designing to publishing a survey-based study.

For a detailed descrption of the course, please download this pdf.

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Recommended requirements

A working knowledge of multiple regression analysis

The student's learning outcomes after completing the course

At the end of this course, a successful candidate will be able:

  • To develop suitable research questions and design a solid survey study

  • To create an effective questionnaire and data collection strategy

  • To conduct PLS-SEM on a survey-based dataset

  • To craft a persuasive survey-based paper

  • To successfully navigate the review process of a survey-based manuscript

Forms of teaching and learning

The course will involve short lectures and students’ activities. The lectures will cover theory, frameworks and tools used in survey-based research, while the activities will allow students to practice the core skills that the course aims to develop.


  • Form: A course paper presenting an extended proposal for a survey-based study. The paper must be submitted within two months after attending the course sessions.

  •  Grading: A - F

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