Facts about the course

Study points:
Responsible department:
Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences
Course Leader:
Halvard Arntzen
Lecture Semester:
Spring, Autumn
Teaching language:
½ year

BØK730 Econometrics (Autumn 2019)

About the course

<ul><li>Review of&nbsp;probability distributions, random variables, and statistical inference</li><li>Linear regresssion models</li><li>Challenges in using classical linear regression models with data and questions from economics</li><li>Time Series Models</li><li>Simple Panel Data Methods</li><li>Simultaneous Equations Models</li><li>Limited dependent variable methods</li></ul>

The course is connected to the following study programs

  • Master in Economics and Business Administration

The student's learning outcomes after completing the course

<p>After completion of the course, students should:</p><ul><li>Have a good knowledge of basic econometrics and statistical methods as a scientific tool in the analysis of practical economic problems</li><li>Be familiar with the basic methods of regression analysis as well as the main challenges in applying such to economic questions</li><li>Be able to specify and estimate appropriate econometric models to test their research questions</li><li>Be able to interpret and understand estimation results</li><li>Detect and correct common statistical problems in economic data and models</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p>

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