Facts about the course

ECTS Credits:
Responsible department:
Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences
Course Leader:
Harald Klaus Dolles
Lecture Semester:
Teaching language:
½ year

IDR950 Master`s Degree Thesis (Spring 2021)

About the course

A thesis is an independent, extensive work that is done under the guidance of an assigned tutor/supervisor and written individually or in teams of two students. Students are responsible for selecting a topic/problem area, which is suitable for a thesis related to the MSc programme in Sport Management. The Master’s Degree Thesis in Sport Management is written in English.

The course is connected to the following study programs

Recommended requirements

Only those students who are enrolled in the MSc programme in Sport Management can write a Sport Management Master’s Degree Thesis. Each candidate must have an approved Master’s Thesis proposal. Submission of the Master’s Degree Thesis cannot be accepted if the student has not completed all previous courses in the Sport Managements programme.

The student's learning outcomes after completing the course

After completing the thesis the student will be able to:


  • critically and systematically integrate knowledge from courses in the Sport Management programme
  • analysing, assessing and dealing with complex phenomena, issues and situations even with limited information 


  • identify and formulate issues independently and creatively
  • plan and use appropriate research methods within a predetermined time frame. This includes assessments with regard to scientific and ethical aspects, and awareness of the ethical aspects of research work, including the limitations of research, its role in industry/society and the responsibility of the individual for how it is used.

General competencies:

  • proficiency in academic writing and in communicating the research results.

Forms of teaching and learning

A thesis is an independent, extensive work that is done under the guidance of an advisor/professor in the discipline. Not more than two students can work on the same thesis. Supervision will be provided during the period of the course, but can not be guaranteed in the case of theses postponement. 

Students are expected to participate in a Thesis Essentials seminar which prepares and informs students about the thesis project. 


Coursework requirements - conditions for taking the exam

  • Mandatory coursework: Other - please specify in the comments

  • Courseworks given: 1

  • Courseworks required: 1

  • Presence: Required

  • Comment: Master Thesis project proposal.



  • Form of assessment: Master's Thesis

  • Proportion: 100%

  • Duration: 1 semester

  • Grouping: Individual

  • Grading scale: Letter (A - F)

  • Support material: All printed and written supporting material

  • Comment:
    Submission of the written thesis and an oral thesis defense are required. The final grade is a combination of grades received on the thesis and the oral presentation. Only one final grade will be presented to the student.

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