Facts about the course

ECTS Credits:
Responsible department:
Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences
Course Leader:
Solveig Straume
Lecture Semester:
Spring, Autumn
Teaching language:
1 year

IDR910 Internship (Spring 2023–Autumn 2023)

About the course

The course gives you practical experience from working in a sport organization. This provides important entries to organizations and platforms of exchange between practitioners, students and faculty.

You are involved in all processes of the internship, from considering relevant internships placements, planning the internship, practical work in the organization and evaluating your own role during the internship.

Specifically you will:  

  • Consider relevant internship organizations
  • Follow a 'working contract' form creation to fullfillment
  • Work in a professional environment
  • Get insider knowledge of how the sports industry or institutions in sport operate
  • Network

You are encouraged to assess the opportunities for internship placements. The organizations can be in Norway or in another country. HiMolde is reponsible for making sure that all students are provided an internship placement in due course before the internship period starts. 

IDR910 is a mandatory course for all MSc students. However, in certain cases this course may be substituted for other MSc courses at HiMolde. One such reason could be that the student is already working for a sports organization. The student must first get approval by contacting the study coordinator. If approved, the student may choose other relevant MSc courses equalling the 15 ECTS credits of the IDR910 Internship.

The course is connected to the following study programs

The student's learning outcomes after completing the course


Completing this course you should be able to:

    • demonstrate enhanced career knowledge
    • have an understanding of working tasks as part of the broader organizational context


    Completing this course you should be able to:

    • shape a well formulated motivational letter and CV
    • demonstrate work related skills
    • critically plan and evaluate the internship learning process

    General competence:

    Completing this course you should be able to:

    • relate academic theory to practical work

    Forms of teaching and learning

    It is expected that you will work for 350 hours (approx. 10 weeks) as an intern in a sport organization in Norway or abroad. Your tasks should be of administrative character. Additionally submission of mandatory work requirements to HiMolde counts for approx. 150 hours (overall, a workload of about 500 hours is expected in this course). During the internship you should follow the usual working hours of the organization. More or less work than the estimated 350 hours must be clarified with the organization as well as HiMolde in advance of the internship.

    The internship is organized in the first half of the last semester of the master degree (January to March). If it is more to the purpose, the internship period allows certain flexibility.

    It is required that the internship organization have at least one person in a full time position. During the internship, you will have one supervisor from the internship organization which provides feedback on professional matters. Additionally, the course responsible from HiMolde will provide feedback on academic matters related to the internship. 

    The internship organization might require an approved police certificate from the intern.


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      • Grading scale: Pass/fail
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      Course evaluation

      In order to pass the course the following elements (1-4) need to be fullfilled:

      1. CV, application and motivation letter​​
        • ​​Based on a list provided by the course coordinator you will rank the organizations, submit a CV and a motivational letter. 
      2. Learning agreement
        • In advance of the internship, you must submit a learning agreement - a signed contract between yourself, the internship organization and the course responsible. 
      3. Mid-evaluation meeting 
        • You must initiate and organize a mid-evaluation meeting with all the parties of the agreement attending. The meeting will take place at the internship placement unless otherwise agreed. 
      4. Final report
        • ​​You must submit a final report after the internship period. The final report should describe the overall learning experience from your perspective, and must be both descriptive and analytic. The report must be submitted as a video file. Total time of the presentation should be 10 minutes.The video can be combined with a Power Point presentation. 

      ​The internship organization will submit an evaluation of the student directly to the course responsible

      The final assessment of the course will be either pass (thus having achieved the learning outcomes) or fail. The grading will be a joint decision by both internal (HiMolde) and external (organization) supervisors. 


      All the documents needed can be found in Canvas.


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