Master Thesis

LOG950, 953 & 954 - Master's Degree Thesis


Only students enrolled in a master program can write a master thesis at Molde University College. Students who are enrolled in the MSc program in Logistics write a thesis under the LOG950 course code, students enrolled in the MSc Sustainable Energy Logistics program writes under the LOG953 code, and Experience-based master students use the code LOG954 for their thesis. To start writing a thesis, a candidate must have an approved proposal defined as a part of the seminar series LOG904-100. The master thesis should be the last course taken within the MSc program.

Course content: 

A thesis is an independent, extensive work written under the guidance of an advisor/professor in the discipline. A thesis can be written individually, or two students together, but not more than two students on the same thesis. Candidates are relatively free to choose topics, but the topic should be approved by the supervisor and program coordinator. A thesis can be either applied, related to a company or an agency/governmental body, or it can be a theoretical investigation.

Thesis Topic


Thesis Topic(Selected)


For more details see LOG950LOG953 and LOG954

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