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Admission takes place during the spring semester every year, and the program starts in the middle of August. The MSc program in Logistics is open to both Norwegian and international applicants who fulfil all the admission requirements, and where applicants outside EU/ EEA must document funding of minimum NOK 128 887 per academic year together with their application to cover their own living expenses for their planned MSc studies in Molde. All admitted students have to pay a minor semester fee of NOK 745 per semester. Admitted international students outside EU/ EEA will be requested to transfer a minimum of NOK 128 887 to our Deposit Account for International Students within a deadline first stated in the letter of admission.

For Supply Chain Management (SCM) / Stustainable Freight Transport (SFT)
Applicants should have completed a relevant BA, BSc, BEng, BTech degree (equivalent to a minimum of 180 ECTS credits) in Logistics, Economics, Business Administration, Industrial Engineering/ Organization, Mathematics or Information Technology/ Computer Science. Although it is important that all applicants have sufficient background in Mathematics and Statistics, the main focus is more on the qualitative aspects involved in the management of the value chain.

For Logistics Analytics (LA):

Applicants choosing this study option must have completed a recognized BA, BSc, BEng or BTech degree (equivalent to a minimum of 180 ECTS credits) with a stronger quantitative background within Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling, Statistics, Economics, Information Technology / Computer Science, or relevant Engineering disciplines. 

Admission to the MSc program in Logistics at HiMolde is highly competitive when it comes to grades. Applicants should preferably have an average grade of First Class/ First Division or Second Class Upper Division or equivalent average grades from their recognized bachelor's degree to be considered for admission. Applicants who have completed only a HND (Higher National Diploma) or similar Diploma/ Advanced Diploma Educations do not qualify to apply for admission.  

Some groups of applicants will also be required to fulfil the formal English language requirements to apply for admission, by taking an IELTS test with a minimum score of 6.0, or a TOEFL test with a minimum score of 550 on paper based test/ 213 on computer based test/ or 79 on internet based test. A Pearson Academic English test(PTE) with minimum score 53 will also be accepted. Other groups of applicants can be exempted from the formal English language requirements.  

Application deadlines: 

15 December 2022: International applicants form countries outside EU/EEA applying directly from abroad, and applicants with international education who have a temporary residence permit in Norway.

15 April 2023:
Applicants who are either Norwegian or Nordic citizens, or applicants who already have a permanent residence permit in Norway. Applicants who are citizens of a country within EU/EEA.

Administrative Contact Person International applicants:

Ragnhild Brakstad, Senior Adviser/International Coordinator MSc studies

Phone: +47 71 21 41 08

Application procedure

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