Learning outcomes (2021–2023)

Degree/title obtained

Master of Science in Sport Management

Learning outcomes

After completing the program, the successful candidate is expected to: 


  • have advanced knowledge in economical and organizational theories concerning sport management

  • have specialized knowledge about selected topics within the field of sport management

  • have extensive knowledge in scientific methods and philosophy of science relevant to the field 


  • be able to contribute in finding solutions to organizational problems in sport organizations.

  • be able to do independent analytical work and to write scientific texts in an theoretically informed and methodologically sound manner

  • be able to acquire new scientific literature in an independent and critical way

  • be capable to present work orally and in writing in an academic as well as popular form 

General qualifications

  • be able to work independently

  • have skills and experience in cross cultural and inter-professional team work

  • be able to communicate about professional issues relevant to Sport management, on an expert-as well as a common level

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