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In Panopto, you can create your own desktop recordings, record lectures in classrooms, and upload video to an integrated playback platform.

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What can I use Panopto for?

  • Recordings on your own PC/Mac
  • Publish existing video and audio files
  • Publish webmeetings from Zoom 
  • Podcasts
  • Streaming og recordings in classrooms
  • Simple video editing 
  • Create a video-quiz
  • Students can hand in their own videoproductions

See a 3-minute walktrhough of Panopto for education from 

Streaming and recording in classrooms

Classrooms with a Panopto recorder

  • Molde, building A: A-1.020, A-1.025, A-1.058, A-2.005, A-2.040, A-2.116, A-2.135, A-2.136 og A-2.137
  • Molde, building B: B-136, B-137, B-138 og Studio-B.
  • Kristiansund: K116

Record on your own PC/Mac

You can create recordings in Panopto using Panopto Capture (browser).


Trimming video in Panopto 

You can perform simple editing tasks in Panopto such as removing parts of the video or insert parts from other videos.

You can read about video trimming here!!!Need translation!!!.

Panopto videoquiz 

You can add questions in your Panopto videos. You can choose between Multiple Choice, True/False, Multiple Select, or Fill In the Blank. The video will stop when the viewer reaches the point where a quiz is applied and have to answer it before the video continues.

View a video about the quiz feature here.


Embed YouTube video in a Panopto video 

You can embed content from YouTube in Panopto video. Note that the viewer must use the main playback windows in Panopto to view embedded YouTube content.

You can view the instructional video from Panopto here.

Publish PDF as attachment in Panopto video 

It is possible to upload a PDF file the students can view at the same time as the video. 

You can view the instructional video from Panopto here.

Uploading files from other sources

Du You can upload audio and video for easy publishing in Panopto. The platform supports most filetypes and will automatically convert the files to a web format. The maximum resolution is set to 1080P (Full HD) video. You can still upload 4K content but it will be downscaled to 1080P. 


If you have any questions or require training, contact us at  IT support / +4771214175.

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