Email and calendar services

All students and employees have an email account associated with their user account. With this email account comes a personal calendar and Skype For Business with opportunity for notice of meetings and having electronic meetings. Employees also have access to room reservation.

Email addresses are usually constructed based on your first name, middle name and surname to look like this: for those who don't have a middle name ).

Email account for students

Students log into Office365 to access their email account. You log in using, then with your FEIDE username and password.Choose Molde University College from the drop down list and type in your student number and password.


Email account for employees

All employees have an email account on Microsoft Exchange.
You can connect to this email account using different email clients on PC, Mac, iPAD, iPhone and Android.
The primary email client program is Microsoft Outlook on your PC or Mac.

You can also log in to your email with webmail.

Sending large files - FileSender

If you need to send large files, executables or other files not accepted by the email system. please use FileSender.
Filesender is not a permanent place to save your files. They are automatically deleted after som time.

Published Oct. 15, 2018 6:13 PM - Last modified Oct. 16, 2019 1:50 PM