Engineering Logistics

Engineering logistics is a research group within logistics and organization science aiming at developing and publishing knowledge in particular relevant to Norwegian manufacturing industry, but also to public sector.  


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Norwegian competitiveness is largely based on regional production networks, where interaction between industry, educational institutions, and other institutional organizations, takes place. This system of organizations and institutions leads to innovative processes, which is in the core of national cluster programs.  Moreover, in order to improve competitiveness, organizations must be able to create company specific value chains and manufacturing networks with a global supplier base, as well as developing operational excellence, which involves exploiting recent development in ICT. Hence, cross-disciplinary research is highly needed, as well as close cooperation with the industry, which is at the heart of this research group.

The research group members covering the following research fields:

  • Manufacturing networks and industrial clusters
  • Global value chains and sourcing strategies
  • Value co-creation in regional and global value chains 
  • Enabling technologies in manufacturing networks
  • Industrial internet – Industry 4.0
  • Purchasing 

Currently, several of the group members are involved in a larger competence project financed by the Norwegian Research Council called Manufacturing Network 4.0. The project is carried out in cooperation with NTNU, Møreforsking and SINTEF. Several PhD students are associated with the project. 

Public procurement is another emerging research field that the group is aiming at building knowledge. Here, we are a part of a national research network with NTNU, UiB, BI and NHH.

The group organize workshops and courses with the industry in order to facilitate knowledge exchange between academia and industry.  Moreover, we holds internal workshops where we present and discuss ongoing research. 


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