Homayoun Shaabani

Avdeling for logistikk
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Stipendiat i logistikk

Tasks performed

M.Sc. seminars coordinator (April 2019 - now)

Research interests

  • Inventory Routing Problem (IRP)
  • Maritime logistics
  • Perishable IRP
  • Operations research
  • Optimization under uncertainty


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PhD thesis

I am working on “maritime inventory routing problem under uncertainty” as my PhD thesis under supervision of Professor Arild Hoff and co-supervision of Professor Lars Magnus Hvattum and Professor Gilbert Laporte.

Description of my PhD thesis

Transportation and inventory are the two main components of the supply chain which will be more effective whenever they perform in a coordinated manner. Inventory routing problem (IRP) is a complex logistic problem which integrates the inventory management and the vehicle routing problem (VRP) in order that a supplier delivers products to several customers subject to specified constraints.

One of the most applicable modes of transportation is the maritime transportation. In this regard, when maritime vessels are responsible for the transportation in IRP then it becomes a maritime IRP (MIRP).

Most ship routing problems are facing with a degree of uncertainty either in sailing times or in waiting times and even a degree of uncertainty in variations in demands therefore considering uncertainty in MIRP is required.

My plan is to consider some uncertain parameters in the MIRP and using different methods (heuristics/meta-heuristics or exact methods) in order to deal with these uncertainties in the context of MIRP.

Emneord: Stipendiat Logistikk


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