Disputation: Kristina Kjersem

Kristina Kjersem will be defending her thesis "Contributing to Resolving a Project Planning Paradox in ETO: From plan to planning" for the PhD degree in Logistics at Molde University College - Specialized University in Logistics.

Picture of Kristina Kjersem

Kristina Kjersem.  Photo: Arild J. Waagbø

The defence is now closed, and we are happy to announce that the adjudication committee has approved the defence. Congratulations, Kristina!

Time and place:

  • Trial Lecture: Friday, 14 August, 16.15 NB! Please notice late start
  • PhD Defense: Friday, 14 August, 18.15 NB! Please notice late start

Trial Lecture Title:

"Similarities and differences of ETO implementation in four industries: (1) ship building, (2) civil engineering, (3) manufacturing, and (4) performing arts."

Adjudication committee

Chair of defence

Professor Harald M. Hjelle, Molde University College, Faculty of Logistics


Additional information

About the dissertation 

Most Norwegian shipbuilding companies deliver highly customized vessels by applying an Engineer-To-Order (ETO) production strategy where the customer is involved in establishing the main features of the final product from the design and engineering phases all the way to the delivery. The mission proposed in the title of this dissertation is to contribute to solving a project planning paradox in the ETO environment by analyzing the process of generating and following a project plan. The paradox referring to is that even though most ETO companies acknowledge that planning is essential, very few of them focus on the process that makes it effective. The idea was to bring awareness to the importance of the planning process since this facilitates the completion of project activities as planned. As shown in this research, organizing well-structured planning meetings is dependent on proper training and understanding of the context an ETO project is performed in. This can enable a more effective planning process, which in turn contributes to better project outcome. The idea is well summarized by D., Eisenhower who stated more than seventy years ago “Plans are nothing; planning is everything”.

About the candidate

Kristina Kjersem (48) years holds, since 2008, a Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management from Molde University College. In her master thesis, she studied the concept of lean shipbuilding as adapted by several shipyards within Aker Yards Group. Her PhD dissertation is more or less a continuation of the work performed during her Master’s study. Kristina worked as a researcher at Møreforsking Molde and project planner at Vard Søviknes before starting her PhD research in 2012. Since 2015, Kristina works as a fulltime researcher in logistics and supply chain management at Møreforsking Molde where she has been involved in projects within shipbuilding industry as well as other relevant and noteworthy environments.   

Questions «Ex Auditorio»

  • Anyone who would like to ask questions to the candidate "Ex auditorio" will have to notify the chair of the defence by sending an email with the heading “Ex Auditorio” before 19.30 hours (CET). E-mail: harald.hjelle@himolde.no
  • The email should state the question to be asked, and your name and phone number
  • You will then be allowed to ask the question by phone after the committee’s examination.
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