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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Algendi, Abdalrahman Research Fellow Logistics +4771214015 Doctoral Research Fellow Logistics
Alteren, Johanne Professor +4771195893
Amaro Ferreira, Joao Carlos Professor +4771195970
Anagnostopoulos, Christos Associate Professor +4771195823 Sport Management
Picture of Terje Andersen Andersen, Terje Assistant Professor +4771195752
Andestad, Tore Assistant Professor
Picture of Agaraoli Aravazhi Aravazhi, Agaraoli Research Fellow Logistics +4771195815 Doctoral Research Fellow Logistics
Picture of Halvard Arntzen Arntzen, Halvard Associate Professor +4771214215
Picture of Terje Bach Bach, Terje Assistant Professor +4771214073 +4793255838 Doctoral Research Fellow Logistics
Bachmann, Liv Research Fellow Health Sciences and Social Care +4771214092 45662003
Picture of Hege Bakken Bakken, Hege Assistant Professor +4771214037
Belchovski, Slavcho Technician +4771195973
Picture of Dag Erik Berg Berg, Dag Erik Associate Professor +4771195850
Picture of Ole Kristian Brones Berg Berg, Ole Kristian Brones Associate Professor +4771195771 Exercise physiology, Oxygen transport, Neuromuskular, Clinical trials
Picture of Dag Magne Berge Berge, Dag Magne Professor emeritus +4771214296
Bergset, Susan Higher Executive Officer +4771214091
Bergsvik, Gunn Harriet Dahle Senior Adviser +4771214046
Picture of Inger Elisabeth Bergum Bergum, Inger Elisabeth Senior Lecturer +4771214259
Picture of Ove Bjarnar Bjarnar, Ove Professor emeritus
Bjørkly, Stål Kapstø Professor +4771214012
Borvik, Bjørnar Professor II
Botslangen, Anne Madeleine Associate Professor +4771214043
Picture of Ragnhild Oddrun Ekren Brakstad Brakstad, Ragnhild Oddrun Ekren Senior Adviser +4771214108
Brask, Ole David Senior Lecturer +4771214047
Brekke, Liv Janne Raknes Assistant Professor +4771195882